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Making projects run smoothly

Custom training? Shaping the project work? We think along.

Whether you're planning a blended learning journey for experienced project managers, seeking practical training for project leads, or in search of a collaborative partner to shape your project approach and governance, we can help. We critically assess your needs and develop a program that is practical, engaging, and focused. This could range from a brief training session to a longer, more intensive journey, depending on your requirements.

Custom project management training? Shaping the project work? We think along.

Implementing Change

A practical approach for change managers, team leaders, and the broader organization.

Managers often aspire to include their team in upcoming changes, but they may have many questions about expectations and feasibility. This is a complex challenge. Our clients usually aim to learn, find inspiration, and gain tools. We offer evidence-based strategies and employ the ActeeChange simulation for an engaging and challenging learning experience. If you prefer active guidance through the change, that's an option as well.

A practical approach for change managers, team leaders, and the broader organization.

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Get immediate help for your learning needs

Are you looking for solutions or inspiration for a specific question? You could book a coaching session, attend a 55-minutes workshop, download a free tool or start right away with a snackable.

Get immediate help for your learning needs

These simulations enhance learning effectiveness

Serious games in the spotlight

ActeeChange: Een business simulatie over verandering en hoe je die in goede banen leidt.

A business simulation about managing and enabling change. Its serious game format provides direct feedback, enabling you to quickly identify obstacles, adjust your communication, and understand interconnections.

The impressive rollercoaster: an engaging micro-project and serious game
The impressive rollercoaster

Tackle project challenges and work together to find solutions. In this engaging micro-project, you'll develop skills in team management, reporting, scope prioritization, and issue resolution. You're sure to have memorable learning experiences.

SOS project: a serious game about issues and challenges, tailored to experienced project leaders
SOS Project

The SOS project card game is cleverly designed to address common challenges that surface during project execution. It's a unique tool crafted specifically for seasoned project leaders.

The temple of Oova: a case study for experience project managers
The temple of Oova

This case study explores the challenges of creating a project plan. Do you jump right into the calculations? How do you delegate tasks? How do you maintain an overview? And most importantly, is everyone still engaged?

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