Dive in right now

Sometimes, you require immediate assistance. We can relate to that. So, we've compiled all the available options on this page, allowing you to proceed without delay.

Attend a 55 minutes webinar

Join our interactive webinars on project management and change leadership. We focus on topics that (project) managers find interesting and frequently ask about. Check our calendar to find out when the next 55-minute session is scheduled and the topic we will be discussing. These inspiration sessions are designed to be engaging and detailed, preserving the interactive quality that you appreciate in our work.

Download materials from your training

Did you take a course with us and want to download those useful tools again? No problem, you can find them here.

Project Management Guideline

An indispensable overview of the crucial steps for efficient project management.

Our inspiring app

The go-to resource every project leader should have. Available at app.propellor.be. Access is free for subscribers.

Stakeholder Mapping

The change map. Use it to generate a snapshot and deliberate potential actions.

Self-paced learning

If you're interested in delving deep into a specific theme, we offer snackables. For a more comprehensive project management course, consider our DIY learning journey, specifically designed for project leaders.

The speed of change

This online learning module focusses on managing change and getting everyone on board. It's filled with practical insights and tips.

About resistance and enthusiasm

Sometimes you experience resistance ... Difficult. But also an opportunity. Because resistance is a gift.

DIY Project Management

Our comprehensive project management course includes 4 hours of coaching, access to the Inspiration Box app, the 55-minute sessions, and much more.

Get 1-on-1 support

Are you seeking advice from a seasoned project coach? Do you need a sounding board to discuss a crucial change case? Are you dealing with a key stakeholder or prepping for a significant meeting?

We're ready to assist. We offer online support in convenient half-hour increments. You're in control of the frequency and length of the coaching sessions.

Discover together

Have you ever faced problems in a project and struggled to find adequate solutions? Has it ever been challenging to pinpoint exactly what's going wrong? Imagine having a project coach to navigate these obstacles. Now, you can become that coach!

This card game enables you and your colleagues to find pragmatic and relevant solutions to your project issues. These are tried and tested solutions and ideas that you might not have considered before.