Working with us: what you can expect

We pride ourselves on our unique style and approach. When we asked our customers to describe it, five core values consistently emerged. We're curious if you'll recognize them too!

Fueling your desire

Change happens when people desire to do something different, believing it will be beneficial. This eagerness to get started fuels change. Therefore, we challenge you to experiment, both during the workshop and afterwards. We aim to inspire.

May > Should

We invite you to discover and apply. To explore what it would be like to ... We provoke, we challenge. We hold the principle that those who join us are the right people, and what happens is the only thing that could happen. We guide, but the future is ultimately in your hands.

Practical & Useful

We are doers ourselves, so we focus on practical application. There won't be long-winded theories or explanations. We provide practical tools that you can genuinely use. You'll work on your cases and leave with clear actions and agreements.

Seriously playful

People learn through experience and action, which is why we value serious games. These games provide a shared experience for reflection, both during and after the workshop. Expect to be surprised...

Making complex things simple

We stay updated with the latest developments in our field. We're dedicated to ongoing learning and improving our skills. Our key ability is understanding the main points quickly because of our extensive knowledge. This helps us make complex things simple, ensuring understanding and transparency.

Their contributions, while always optional, are specifically tailored to the unique work context. They share their insights with the group in an engaging manner, which subsequently invigorates the team.

Matthias Nauwelaers — IMEC

Propellor proves to be a trustworthy partner. They are pragmatic, aligning seamlessly with the business. Moreover, they skillfully adapt to the target audience.

Kristine Feuggelen — Tracetebel

Propellor stands out because it balances technical and human elements. It meets its objectives efficiently, without needless extras.

Ellen Hoegaerts — VDAB

Propellor adeptly blends technical expertise with a pragmatic approach. In contrast to other companies that may lean too heavily on technical aspects, Propellor delivers a more approachable, personalized service.

Wouter Robijn — Solidaris

Propellor is very flexible when it comes to planning, responding effectively to needs. You won't be overloaded with theory.

Elodie Debacker — Colruyt

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