Implementing change

We inspire and empower leaders and employees, facilitating where necessary. This allows everyone to effectively fulfill their roles. We serve as a sounding board, provide stepping stones for insight and action, and foster an environment for co-creation.

The following examples demonstrate the range of assignments we've completed, showcasing the services we offer. However, we are always eager and prepared to take on new and unique challenges!

Change Management for Leaders

Inspire with the ActeeChange business simulation

As a leader, you navigate your team through various changes, some significant and others less so. How many changes are currently on your agenda? What strategies can you use to get your team members on board? How can you turn resistance into enthusiasm? And how do you manage initiatives that you don't personally endorse?

An inspiring training on change leadership with the ActeeChange simulation

Empowering employees as agents of change

A workshop on proactively shaping the future

Your employees play a vital role in integrating the company's vision into daily operations through their constructive contributions and shared ideas. However, their readiness and willingness to participate is crucial. Providing them with essential change tools can enhance their engagement. These tools can include being proactive, understanding the speed of change and how to raise concerns, and practising self-care.

Empowering employees as agents of change

We facilitate and co-create

Implementing a challenging transformation

If you aim to forge a new path, enhance quality, or address a complex issue in your department, co-creation is a beneficial strategy. It proves particularly effective in high complexity or high tension situations as it allows everyone to identify risks, pursue opportunities, and set specific steps. Such circumstances are where we excel.

We facilitate and co-create to initiate a challenging change

Deep dive for the Change & Transformation Office

Train the trainer

Internal experts from the Change Management or Transformation Office are also on the lookout for opportunities to learn and grow. For these dedicated professionals, we design a customized program. This program may include workshops on key topics such as stakeholder mapping, heat maps, and Lean Change. The facilitation of co-creation in practice could also be a featured topic. Whenever possible, we incorporate individual preparation and peer supervision.

Deep dive for the Change & Transformation Office

Stakeholder engagement for project leaders

Influencing and persuading without formal authority

Clear communication and getting everyone on board can also be a significant challenge for project managers. They need to decide when to deliver messages themselves and when to seek assistance from sponsors or executives. Staying updated on all developments, identifying effective communication channels, and assessing the level of support needed are also crucial. These elements form the foundation for an engaging training session.

Stakeholder engagement for project leaders

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