Our change management expertise

Getting people on board is crucial, whether for a grassroots initiative or a strategic change. Everyone has a role to play. What emphasis do we place?

Providing insights

We recognize the complexity

Leading a single change can be challenging enough, as everyone has their own perspective and may resist behavioral changes. With multiple initiatives often requiring your attention and limited time, navigating this context can be difficult.

We make it tangible

Are you looking for tools to kickstart your journey? Our training will help you identify and articulate issues, allowing you to find solutions and plan next steps collectively. You will learn to guide your team and establish the course of action, considering the complexity of the change.

May > should

We give you breathing space

Do you want us to facilitate the process? This approach allows you to focus on the content, giving you more space. We use strategies that allow multiple stakeholders to participate and contribute, without getting caught up in endless debates. We create a space for idea exchange without rushing towards immediate solutions. This strategy can speed up the change process.

We let you experience

Through the ActeeChange serious game, you can practice implementing changes in a safe environment, experiment with various actions, and determine what works best. The accompanying floorboard encourages conversation about team changes. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well founded

We have a solid foundation

Our holistic view on change management draws from several perspectives and models, including Prosci (ADKAR), CMI, and Kotter. We are also strongly inspired by emergent change approaches such as Lean Change, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology. We remain curious and integrate new developments into our approach.

We aim for an evidence-based approach

We strive to use an evidence-based approach as much as possible. This can be challenging in a young field like change management, where different studies offer very specific and distinct insights.

We find inspiration in the enlightening paper by prof. Jeroen Stouten et al. and the work of Erwin Metselaar.

    Experience that counts!

    Over 20 years of experience

    Propellor has existed since 2004, working with both large and small organizations that set things in motion. That experience counts! We offer various types of training, advice, and guidance for CTOs, as well as support for strategic changes. Do you want to know more?

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