Project management

Custom training? Shaping the project work? We think along.

Whether you're planning a blended learning journey for experienced project managers, seeking practical training for project leads, or in search of a collaborative partner to shape your project approach and governance, we can help. We critically assess your needs and develop a program that is practical, engaging, and focused. This could range from a brief training session to a longer, more intensive journey, depending on your requirements. You are in good hands.

Here are some examples of solutions we've developed for customers.

Plan a training session

We assist you and your colleagues in exploring how to manage projects (more) effectively. Understanding that every organization has unique needs, we always customize our approach. No matter the level of project expertise, there’s always room for improvement. Where should we start in your organization? Who needs help and also has the desire and curiosity to explore further?

Practical yet solid foundations

Training for (occasional) project managers

At some point, everyone leads a project, whether it's revising a procedure, writing a grant application, developing a new tool or service, or relocating. While common sense and dedication usually get you a long way, there are ways to accomplish these tasks more efficiently and effortlessly.

Advanced modules, expertly tailored

Learning journey for experienced project managers

Seasoned project managers from ICT, facility services, or a strategic PMO, with years of experience, often have specific or more advanced learning needs. Involving these learners in designing their program and having experienced professionals deliver it is essential.

Seek guidance

Each conversation sparks inspiration and action ideas. As such, our advisory approach leans more towards mentoring than traditional consulting. We engage management, the PMO, or the project manager in discussions, collectively exploring avenues for further development.

Steering committees and management teams

Bringing more clarity

Steering committees are vital to any project. They make key decisions, align the project with the organization's strategy, and ensure smooth operations. However, if they are ineffective, it can result in delays and frustration. Therefore, it pays to reflect on their performance.

Sounding board for the PMO

Clarify structure and role

Congratulations on your new role as a Project Management Officer! Wondering about your next steps? Are you looking to standardize processes, help project managers enhance their skills, or aid in management decision-making? Don't forget to also build support and recognition as well. If it all seems overwhelming, don't worry. We're here to provide the guidance you need.

Project coaching

Online meeting with personalized tips

As a project manager or change leader, there may be times when you require help with specific projects. Our project coaching is designed to provide this support. We tackle issues you face in your project or program, like preparing for crucial meetings, managing time, or handling resistance from stakeholders. We offer coaching to individuals and core teams.

Or dive in right now

Are you looking for solutions or inspiration for a specific question? You could book a coaching session, attend a 55-minutes workshop, download a free tool or start right away with a snackable.

55 minutes

Engaging short webinars

Join our interactive webinars on project management and change leadership. We focus on topics that (project) managers find interesting and frequently ask about. Check our calendar to find out when the next 55-minute session is scheduled and the topic we will be discussing.

SOS project

A card game about common issues and potential solutions

This card game allows you and your colleagues to discover pragmatic and relevant solutions to your project problems. It introduces you to proven strategies and ideas that you might not have considered yet.

Inspiration boxes

Online learning at your own pace

We provide a range of solutions tailored to your needs: an inspirational app, short snackable content, or a comprehensive DIY blended learning journey. You can explore them at your own pace. When ready, you can discuss your insights, case studies, and questions with a project coach.

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