Case Study — Collaborating on Projects in the city of Harelbeke

The opening question: a practical project management training

The city services of Harelbeke are seeking to learn project-based collaboration. They prefer a practical, hands-on training approach, rather than traditional classroom instruction. They also wish to avoid being overwhelmed by the process.

Our solution

Teams at work in projects approved by the city council

We like this type of questions and enjoy the endeavour. We propose a six-month learning journey where employees are grouped into project teams. These teams are then tasked with executing a project approved by the city council, bearing the full responsibility.

5 sessions with a project coach

Each month, the teams have a meeting with the project coach from Propellor. The initial meeting serves as an intake session with the project team, followed by a first workshop on how to start off on the right foot. Four additional workshops are scheduled thereafter. Each workshop focuses on a different project management phase and and its application to their specific project.

Delivering the project

Meanwhile, the teams are actively working on the project. They are collaborating with stakeholders, taking necessary actions, and discussing progress with the mayor or secretary etc.

The end result: embedding in the culture

Success! The city of Harelbeke has, after two iterations of this learning journey, developed its own project methodology and associated documents. Projects are now managed in a consistent manner, promoting a culture that is increasingly focused on project-based work. The collaboration has greatly improved and there is much more support for each other’s projects.

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